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Every year people, across the world, come together to support the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). Preventing cancer and raising quality of life in order to ease the burden of the disease is a common, recurring theme.

Cancer is a cause of suffering and remains difficult for many to experience. It affects us all and has taken the lives of so many that it's now time to take back. We fight for people who have been diagnosed with cancer and support them in living their life with dignity and style.

We have come a long way, since the 1980s and 1990s. Decades ago, women had little choice to wear over their heads when undergoing chemotherapy. Many women would wear itchy wigs to cover the hair loss that they experienced during chemotherapy. Now, we have a larger collection of options, including turbans, scarves, and hats. Each one comes in a variety of colours, textures, designs and styles.

My wife, Joan, and I are committed to improving the quality of life of cancer patients like you. Our customers can be confident in our solutions, knowing that our cancer head covers, head turbans and cancer scarves have been designed with your dignity and quality of life in mind.

My wife Joan is a breast cancer survivor and was a cancer patient too. There is no one that better knows your situation than someone who has walked your shoes. Helping you pick out the perfect cancer head cover is a personal undertaking for us. We strive to ensure that no patient undergoes more grief and has the support they need to fight their battle.

The network of people keeps growing. Let's stand together and fight the battle. We are here to help. TopsyTurban Scarves and Turban.

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Consider the Lounging caps as an important first purchase for around the house and after the shower.

A comfortable attractive cover up. Our Cotton items are perfect for summer wear, absorbs moisture and keeps you cool. For outside wear consider the Pre-Tied Scarves. They make great gift. The Easy Breezy can be worn inside and out with favorite scarves.

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