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WHAT TO BUY AND WHERE TO GO, the question the doctor couldn't answer,
My wife during chemotherapy lost her hair, dramatically about the third week of treatment.
asked me if I could help,  I am a designer and worked on many fashion lines including films and television but not for the head, now many years later, working with so many and creating an exact fit, it is so important
to find  a place for help, which wasn't there when I started. Even today, most companies offering,
head covers for all hair loss including alopecia tend to want to create elaborate not well fitting caps. and
fabric they offer can be scratchy and not comfortable to wear.
Buying for your self, or for someone else, is a one time experience. I can offer some help so that you are

Commonly known as CHEMO BENNIES, TURBANS, if you are not used to wearing hats, this really isn't going to be easy,
NITY NITES/LOUNGING CAPS,  should be a first choice, helps round the house, family members staring at you, after shower and sleeping, keeps the head warm, with no hair up there it is chilly. also helps to absorb moisture.

Topsy Turban designs, are not a fashion statement,  when you are not used to wearing
a hat, elaborate bulky fabric wrapped around your head can attract attention,  our designs are soft, and
easy to wear, comfortable, yes even in summer, letting you get about, feeling comfortable and
not attracting attention

Cotton is the choice we make for you, and soft, very soft is for comfort.  many tell me they get compliments,
and are always asked where did you find that.

Wigs, always are a consideration, in the beginning of chemo, your head will be very sensitive, and during the next weeks getting adjusted to the changes will need special attention.

Our WIG GRIP, is designed for comfort so that the elastic and construction of a wig does not rub against your sensitive scalp, it holds the wig firmly in place without slipping, allowing you to start wearing your wig much earlier. Many of us who work, want to continue our daily routine without notice of the changes.

The American Cancer society does what they can to supply needed items, but the cost sometimes goes beyond them. and what they can give away.
Head covers can be found now at as well as many wig salons, who now carry our items to wear, while buying a wig.
We supply a list of individual stores that carry our product
Everything at Topsy Turban, is made here in our studio in California, USA.  we select only the best fabric,
I design and sew in the french style, meaning no seams showing when possible, and beautifully made,

quality product, at an affordable price. Our PRE TIED SCARVES, THE ELEGANCE are adjustable, just place on your head, and it's done. BUCKET HATS come with head band, our HEADBANDS are great for wearing under those popular baseball caps. or under any hat you buy, try our SHADY LADY, double fabric shapes easily, and keeps sun off face, looks and feels great.

Should you have questions on what to buy, our number is a 24 hour number. Someone is always there to listen and help with your needs. some people search the internet for companies that offer someone to talk with while ordering, or wanting to know what will be best for them.
allowing us a few days to make your item we can get them to you quickly,
hope this helps.
Feel free to call at any hour.
Our 24 hour, phone order operator number is  818 365-3101.

Regards  tyler at topsy turban.

The network of people keeps growing. Let's stand together and fight the battle. We are here to help. TopsyTurban Scarves and Turban.

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Consider the Lounging caps as an important first purchase for around the house and after the shower.

A comfortable attractive cover up. Our Cotton items are perfect for summer wear, absorbs moisture and keeps you cool. For outside wear consider the Pre-Tied Scarves. They make great gift. The Easy Breezy can be worn inside and out with favorite scarves.

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